Hi, I'm Lotho.

Call it an acronym, a brand... Lotho stands for Louis-Thomas.
I thrive on helping people solve business problems by fusing creativity, innovation, strategy and craft. Driven by passion, I love to capture the full picture by exploring new ecosystems, in order to deliver pragmatic and sustainable solutions for your business.

And you, what is your story?


Small is beautiful, agile and powerful.

I believe in embracing the unknown, so I work with people and small teams that are willing to solve old problems in new ways.

Some skills to support your business: 



- Visual Identity

- Logo Design

- Brand Creation

- Storytelling

- Photography


- Concept Development

- Product & Packaging Design

- Product Sourcing


- UI/UX Design

- Website Creation

- Ecommerce Integration

- Community Management

- Newsletter

Epicurean Marketing.

You will find me at the confluence of (good) food, (organic) wines and (unexpected) meetings. A few strong ristrettos, long chats on your passion... the next adventure might start around a zinc counter.

A personal story...

Lotho is also a personal story. You might find me in some expected places (or not), shooting a warm sunset over the peaceful Mediterranean coves, strolling around the autumn shades of my hometown's vineyards, enjoying a nice lunch shared with some local producers, in fact anywhere I can feed my insatiable appetite for people's life stories.